Friends of Raikes Road Burial Ground

With kind support from Skipton Town Council.

Winter 2013/Spring 2014

We have been very busy over the Autumn and Winter months so far.  We have been fortunate to have received a £9,000 Heritage Lottery Grant for the Restoration Project and this will run for the whole of 2014.  Thanks must go to Les Chandler, Project Manager at Skipton Town Council, who put in a considerable amount of work on the application for the funding.


In September 2013, we had a Working Party day, involving Friends and volunteers from other organisation, such as the Scouts, with the main aim being to clear the ground of as much vegetation as possible so that we could get a good idea of what was left in there.  Two new graves were uncovered, adding to the information.


During the day, we found a toad living by one of the gravestones and also, the beech tree which was felled earlier in the year is now a host to some interesting-looking fungus, as shown in the pictures below.

We were not so fortunate in the recent gales as one of trees lost its entire crown.  It has fallen near one of the gravestones, but fortunately missed it .  


The main tree works of deadwooding, thinning etc. has still to be done as part of the Action Plan for the Restoration Project, but must now wait for the birds to finish nesting and breeding.  The bad weather has also brought down another tree, this time moving one of the gravestones but fortunately, not doing any other damage.


What a difference a year makes!  The two photographs (left) show the Cragg/Wilkinson family grave in Spring 2013 and now, with the area cleared and the wall repaired.  With grateful thanks to Councillor Robert Heseltine, who was instrumental in doing the work on the area.