Friends of Raikes Road Burial Ground

With kind support from Skipton Town Council.

Map of the site

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The interactive map displayed below is part of developments to provide more information on the site.  This is currently under development but hopefully should provide a 'flavour' of what we are currently working on.


The + & - displayed in the bottom right hand corner allows you to zoom in (+) or out (-) of the map.  Clicking on the white box containing three dots and lines, displayed in the top left hand side of the map, will bring up a small 'window'.  This allows you to turn on or off (click the checkbox by the title) the display of information.


Information layers currently available are:


- Approximate locations of the mortuary and chapel.

- Trees - location of trees by species.

- Graves - location of graves & brief description.

- Miscellaneous - location of features such as walls & kerbs.


Clicking on an icon will display a pop-up showing more information.  This can be closed by clicking on the map or by clicking on the small cross displayed in the upper right hand side of the pop-up window.